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Southern California Disposal biofuel symbolPro-Business and Pro-Earth: At Southern California Disposal, we believe it's possible to be both pro-business and sensitive to the enviironnment. We are constantly researching technical and human innovations that bring an environmental and economic balance to our community.

Source Reduction: Beyond Recycling: We believe recycling is only one of the ways to manage the re-utilization of materials. In order for businesses to minimize waste and maximize productivity, the best option available is source reduction. Our full-time Resource Recovery Specialist can assist you in designing a source reduction and recycling program to fit your exact needs. We encourage business leaders to avoid unneccesary disposal costs through our Waste Auditing Program. Contact our representative at 310-828-6444 for a consultation.

Transfer & Recycling: At the Southern California Disposal Recycling and Transfer Station, our primary goal is to give businesses and individuals an avenue to recycle that is both cost-containing and ecologically responsive. We're able to divert 100% of both green waste and e-waste, 75% of construction debris, and a large percentage of the remaining refuse processed through our facility, keeping it out of our local landfills.

Electronic Waste Collection: Electronic waste (e-waste) is a growing concern due to the harmful affects the hazardous pollutants contained in electronic equipment have on the environment. SCD works with businesses and individuals to provide a safe and efficient way to recycle their used and obsolete electronic equipment in compliance with state and federal regulations. We accept the following equipment for recycling at our transfer station: computer monitors, PCs, servers, keyboards and mice, scanners, printers, radios, televisions, stereos, VCRs, and fax machines.

Green Links: Please vist our GREEN LINKS page to find helpful links to organizations and government agencies who promote and support sustainable practices.


Recycling & Source Reduction

What You Can Do!

SOURCE REDUCTION: SCD specializes in tailoring source reduction and recycling programs to fit the individual needs of businesses. At our state-of-the art recycling facilities, we optimize the recovery of materials such as construction debris, green waste, and e-waste.

SCD can tailor a cost-effective source reduction and recycling pprogram that helps not just your bottom line, but the earth, too.

REDUCE: Practice reduction by selecting products that do not have to be added to landfills or the waste stream.

REUSE: Reuse materials in their original form instead of throwing them away, or pass those materials on to others who could use them.

RECYCLE: Think before you toss something in the trash. Items made from recycled materials use less energy and other resources.

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